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Leading F&B Consumer Exhibitions

Singapore Food Shows

Ready to launch new food products or build your customer database? This is for you.

Massive turn-up rate over 4 event days

We bring the largest consumer crowd. With a massive footfall, you can foster relationships with your existing loyal customers, increase your sales and customer base.

Our main visitor profile:
– Local mass consumer (Demographic of 20 – 60).
– Local trade visitors sourcing for new products, B2B opportunities.

Our secondary visitor profile:
– Overseas trade visitors sourcing for import/export business opportunities.

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Most comprehensive Advertising & promotion campaign

Over S$7M worth of intensive media coverage in Singapore’s major media channels such as national newspapers and radios, as well as through digital media and PR. This is the most most cost effective and extensive advertising and publicity for your branding.

Further boost your brand presence and maximize your visibility through various channels:

  • Show flyers distribution. 
  • Product features and mentions by micro-influencers.
  • Tapping into our eDM subscribers database.


Over 30,000 followers on Facebook will be reached out with extensive pre-show publicities including deals and promotions post, trailer videos and giveaway contests.

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We provide the best platform to launch new products, direct and fast sales of goods. You can also entice distributors’ interest and/or strengthen confidence of product demand with local market response and feedback.

Our Main Exhibit Segments includes:

Including instant, ready-to-cook, tidbits and snacks, confectionery, chilled and frozen, canned, seafood, dairy, pastry and bakery, beverages, condiments, sauces, dried goods, rice, grains and nuts, health-related F&B products, organic, health & wellness supplements, general grocery and fresh produce, cooking wares and appliances and other F&B related services.

F&B establishments including F&B retailers, food kiosks operators, restaurants and cafes, caterers, franchisers/franchisees etc. Traditional or trendy yummy food, sweet and savory treats, desserts or hot and cold drinks at the live cooking segment.

More questions? Read about how you can benefit more from Singapore Food Shows.

Proven results from exhibitors

With almost 70% high renewal rate, our exhibitors are consistently coming back for more rewarding results.

Our Exhibitors’ Profile:

  • F&B Manufacturing & Suppliers
  • Importers, Exporters, Distributors and Wholesalers
  • Agents and resellers
  • Retail chain and Caterers
  • Food Kiosks/Stall operators
  • Local and overseas food establishments
  • Online F&B market platforms
  • F&B related services




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If you have any questions on Singapore Food Shows, please send us an email at and request for a consultation.